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B2B SaaS Demand Generation

Stop trying to scale outdated 'lead generation' tactics

Our results-driven strategies increase pre-qualified traffic to bring real leads that convert into new sales.

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Who we are

Your online growth partner

We work alongside your executive team to research, plan, & execute sustainable and scalable growth strategies.


Our research team go deep on understanding your market, the personas within it and how they think.

We talk to your customers, your competitors and your competitor's customers to develop a detailed understanding of your buyers and their needs.

Growth Strategy

Armed with a deep understanding of your buyers and your product we develop a unique and sustainable growth strategy.

We aren't about quick hacks to bump up metrics to make ourselves look good.

We pride ourselves on developing a strategy that stands the test of time and builds trust within your market.


With a growth strategy in place, our team support your team in deploying this strategy as effectively as possible.

Whatever content type and channel is called for we support your team in execution.

We will continually experiment and monitor to ensure that the strategy is flexible and adapts to changing markets and new opportunities.

How we're different

We offer a genuine, unique approach

We don't do transactional marketing, and know that a free PDF in exchange for an email is not a good use of marketing spend.

Paid media has it's place, but only as part of the bigger picture of a growth strategy designed to build trust within your market and have customers pre-qualified, coming to you to request a demo or a call.
Our promise

Your online success is our singular goal

We work hard to ensure that your buyers have the best possible experience and you have the best business results because of it.
We don't need to track vanity metrics or metrics designed to make ad platforms look good.
We focus on what really matters to your buyer, the inbound results and ease of which your sales team can close new business.
growth methods

How we deliver results

Buyer Centric

We know that your customers buying behaviours aren't going to fit in a neat funnel which is why we value research , experimentation and a continual process of learning from your buyers to build your brand and support their buying journey.

Dark Social

So-called 'dark social' is key to build trust and winning B2B business. It's the off-platform link sharing on platforms like LinkedIn, podcasts, sharing links on Slack or Teams or in conversation. We know the power and importance this plays in building trust and awareness and having buyers coming to you.

Value & Trust

Genuine value and trust are at the heart of everything we do with clients. No-one is fooled by the free PDF downloads that supposedly add value. We work with your team to add real value to your buyers, measuring the impact of this through continual research and experimentation.

Years in Business

What clients are saying

“Fluent Forward enabled us to go from prototype with an unproven market, to a position where we had moved to a B2B model, with a proven audience and offer, secured grant funding followed by our first round of investment”
Matthew Vamplew
“I worked with Fluent Forward, setting the initial strategy for my early-stage startup. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them. They very quickly understood what we were trying to achieve and went out of their way to help us define the initial direction of the business.”
Alexa Barker

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