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Empowering your business to
achieve freedom, flexibility & faster growth

Fluent Forward are a learning and consulting company. 

We work with you as a business owner, regardless of whether you are a solo practitioner, going from contract to contract with just one client at a time, or whether you already have a client based, small team and are looking for growth.

We understand your business needs and help you achieve real value, return on investment and growth. 

Our unique people-first approach will transform your business. 

You may be operating as a limited company, but are you running a real business?

You left your permanent job, started contracting in search of freedom and the ability to take charge of your career and lif,e but, day to day, are you really working any differently?

Are you really taking charge, or have you ended up recreating the job that you left?

We tend to fall into habits, patterns and practices that are familiar to us. 

Unfortunately, this means that most contractors & freelancers get that first client, are generating revenue for their business..

And then, do what is familiar and comfortable to them. Behave in exactly the same ways day to day.

We can help break that cycle, give you the focus and clarity to take things forward to the next level.

We work with you to develop the foundations for your business, ones that can scale and attract the right type of clients to your business.

With you, we develop the consulting model, processes, practices so things won’t break when we leave the building. More focus, clarity, productivity and control empowers and future-proofs your business to ensure yours – and your customers’ – lasting success.

Move forward, fluently every day. Get in touch to find out how.

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