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Fluent Forward

Fluent Forward is a (non dilutive) go-to-market accelerator for B2B SaaS Businesses.

Putting the Metrics Against the Milestones

90% of Startups Fail

90% of all startups fail to achieve traction, 80% of which fail within the first 5 years.

35% With no market

35% of all failures happen at the Market Product Engineering phase and find themselves with no market to sell to.

38% Run out of money

38% of failed startups ran out of funds before being able to demonstrate traction.

From Idea to Initial Product

We believe and support the value that traditional early-stage accelerators provide to the startup ecosystem.

They provide a great framework to help get a new business idea off the ground, launch the first version of your product, and a cost-effective way for potential angel and seed investors to get involved with early stage startups.

Unfortunately for startup founders, it’s after this stage where the danger zone lies.


If we look at the typical phases of a startup, from inception to startup and then scale-up, the first phase of initial value creation is critical and where the most amount of support is available.

The gap that is most difficult for startups to traverse is the one between Initial Product, and Minimum Traction.

We help startups cross this gap and become one of the 10% that succeed, find product-market fit, go-to-market fit and achieve traction.

Getting to MVP

Most founding teams have a high degree of experience and competency within the area of Product Architecture, the skills required to get an initial product out the door, or can very easily fill any capability gaps they may have.

Most startups are created with a vision for a solution, a vision for a product for a founder-experienced problem.

This means the Initial Product milestone is relatively easy for them to reach.

The mistake that a lot of founding teams can make at this stage is confusing their Initial Product for a Minimum Viable Product and trying to scale something without having built all of the necessary foundations.

For a product to be viable, there’s a degree of Market Engineering work that must be performed alongside the Product Engineering work that was required to get to Initial Product.

Before declaring a product as having reached the MVP milestone, there are a number of product and market conditions that must be met.


This milestone of being able to reliably and repeatably acquire new customers is something we call Minimum Viable Acquisition (MVA) and is a pre-requisite for building & demonstrating genuine traction and entering a phase of growth.

Having reached the point of Minimum Viable Traction, this is where a startup can now consider themselves to be in Scale-Up territory, building the teams, marketing, product, and operational systems required for them to dominate their market category.


If you would like to learn more and see if the accelerator is a good fit for your startup, click below to book in a consultation with one of our growth experts.


We will work through where your startup currently is from a product and market engineering perspective, and regardless of whether you chose to join the programme or not will leave you with a clear framework for taking your startup to the next key milestone.


(Please note that if you aren’t at, or about to reach the Initial Product milestone, it’s probably too early to talk to us.


Also if you aren’t trying to make a genuine impact & difference with your product, then this probably isn’t right for you.)

What clients are saying

“Fluent Forward enabled us to go from prototype with an unproven market, to a position where we had moved to a B2B model, with a proven audience and offer, secured grant funding followed by our first round of investment”
Matthew Vamplew
“I worked with Fluent Forward, setting the initial strategy for my early-stage startup. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them. They very quickly understood what we were trying to achieve and went out of their way to help us define the initial direction of the business.”
Alexa Barker

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