Three steps to Mastering
Product Management

Think differently.
Learn how to identify and deliver the most value to your customers and your organisation.
  • Have you been thrown in at the deep-end with no formal training or just the standard 2 day product management course that doesn’t cut it in the real world?
    This webinar will introduce you to a framework that allows you to assess and optimise what you’re doing right now.

  • Are you like most Product Managers and 51% of your time is spent fire-fighting and stressed?
    We will show you how you can gain control of your time and product direction.

  • Are you moving from meeting to meeting, status updates, and pulled in multiple directions?
    We will give you the tools to create a more balanced day by leading your organisation from within.

  • Are you frustrated because you’re being held accountable for something that feels out of your control?
    By the end of the webinar, you will know how to become trusted to deliver what the business needs, to work efficiently and be seen as the expert Product Manager.

Hi! I’m Matt, and I’m your webinar host.

I’m experienced in working with technical Product Managers like you, putting them in a position of trust, working with both development teams and management to deliver what the business needs most.

I’ll teach you my simple three-step approach to measure, assess, and optimise your individual and team capabilities.