Product Execution Audit

Discover a new approach to product development.

Our audit products are designed in-house to provide you with the tools to make lasting change.

Transform your product development and move away from fire-fighting, struggling to keep the development budget under control towards delivering sustainable product growth at high levels of efficiency.

Our programme takes you through a uniquely collaborative three-step process. 

We provide you with both a view on your historical performance as well as develop a change roadmap that enables you to execute with complete clarity and coherence through your product & engineering teams.

This ensures you can immediately see where you are currently over or under invested before moving forwards with a transformation plan that has a very clear return on investment.

What’s included:
  • Key strategy summary report outlining past, present, and future strategic intent
  • Historical product execution report highlighting prior product development alignment, value, and ROI against the business strategy
  • Change roadmap identifying how to re-balance product development and develop core capabilities to drive sustainable product growth
  • Private strategy call with the leadership team to review findings & provide opportunity for discussion on implementation approach